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WERA - Training
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get a program on WERA-LP?

To get on the air, you need to:

  1. Become a member of Arlington Independent Media.

  2. Apply for a program using our programming application.

  3. Enroll in and complete Intro to Community Media and On-Air Radio Broadcast.

  4. Once you’ve done all this and your application has been approved, you’ll meet with WERA-LP staff to schedule your program’s timeslot and sign a program agreement.

  5. You’re on the air!

What does radio training cover?

Training will focus on the function and operation of the WERA-LP radio broadcast boot including basic signal flow, microphone use, operating audio sources, transitioning, and production workflow. It will also go over the history and importance of low-power FM stations, WERA-LP policy, The FCC, DMCA rules for webcasting, and information regarding copyrights and licenses.

Do I still need to take On-Air Radio Broadcast if I’m planning to submit pre-recorded programming for airplay without operating the broadcast console itself?

Even if you are able to produce your content at a professional level using your own or third-party facilities, we require you go through some basic courses to bring your program to WERA. You will need to become a member of Arlington Independent Media, take Intro to Community Media and On-Air Radio Broadcast. Additionally, if you need to use AIM’s equipment or facilities to record and produce your program, you must take Basic Audio Production.

This applies to full programs submitted for airplay. For those only submitting music for review, training does not apply.

How long are the courses?

Intro to Community Media is a three-hour workshop that must be taken before On-Air Radio Broadcast.

On-Air Radio Broadcast is a total of nine hours. For now, we offer courses that cover this over a period of three separate days in addition to courses that pack everything into two sessions over the weekend.

How much does training cost?

AIM membership is $25, Intro to Community Media is $20, On-Air Radio Broadcast is $90, and Basic Audio Production is $90.

If I already have several years of broadcasting experience, do I have to go through training?

Yes. While your expertise will be incredibly valuable to us, we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding policy, the facilities, and all-things low-power FM. However, any input regarding the station is much appreciated.

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