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Training is available to all AIM members, but it is required for those who wish to produce a program on WERA. WERA producers must complete Introduction to Community Media and On-Air Radio Broadcast before their programs can air. 

Introduction to Community Media

Introduction to Community Media is a single three-hour workshop that covers media literacy, community media, and the production process at AIM. It focuses on the basics of media literacy as well as the rights and responsibilities of a community media producer. A significant portion of the workshop is devoted to AIM procedures and programming guidelines. This workshop is a prerequisite for all other AIM classes and the use of AIM production equipment and facilities.

To take the first steps in training for radio production, view the Introduction to Community Media workshop schedule.

On-Air Radio Broadcast

This hands-on course explores the function and operation of the WERA-LP radio broadcast booth. Basic signal flow, microphone use, operating audio sources, transitioning, and production workflow are among the areas covered in this fast-paced class. This workshop is required to produce or engineer a program in the WERA Radio booth. Introduction to Community Media is a prerequisite for this class.

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Audio Production

Recommended for those wishing to produce pre-recorded programming on WERA.

This three-week course explores the basic function and operation of AIM’s state-of-the-art audio project suite. Fundamentals of audio production like sound theory, signal flow, microphone types, and workflow are covered along with specialized instruction in the operation of equipment necessary for recording of basic content. Operation of the Raven console, monitoring equipment, Tascam recorder, video recording, and introduction to Pro Tools are among the areas covered in this fast-paced class. Upon completion, members are certified to reserve, operate, and volunteer in the AIM audio project suite. Introduction to Community Media is a prerequisite for this class.

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