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AIM: Arlington In the Morning

Monday-Friday, 7-9 AM — Arlington in the Morning (AIM) discusses topics important to the Arlington community, such as county government updates, community activities, human interest stories, current events, and much more.  Also, AIM will keep listeners updated on weather, traffic, news, and other relevant topics.  AIM's goals are to uplift, inform, connect, and serve Arlingtonians!Ulysses Campbell
Aging MattersTuesdays, 2-3 PM — Information and interviews with representatives from local and community organizations to provide advice about aging related services as a resource for Arlington residents 50+ years and older and their families. This program also re-airs Friday mornings from 6-7 AM! Cheryl Beversdorf
All American ClassicsSundays, 6-8 pm — Two hours weekly of classical symphonic music by Twentieth Century American composers. This program also re-airs Mondays from 11am-1pm. Cam
Antidote, TheTuesdays, 9-10 am — Treat your ears with music! This is the “antidote” to talk-radio. Jazz, world, blues...a little bit of everything. Award-winning musicians Lynn and Ken from the band Veronneau play music you don't typically hear on the radio and chat with regional, national and international artists. This program re-airs Sundays at 4pm. More info at www.antidotesounds.com Ken and Lynn
Arlington VoicesFridays, 10-11 am — Interview program featuring Arlington residents from all walks of life! Andrew Schneider
Arlington Weekly NewsSaturdays, 7-7:30 PM — Audio version of the Arlington Weekly News from Arlington Independent Media's cable channel, which airs originally on television Wednesday evenings on Comcast Ch. 69 and Fios Ch. 38! This program also re-airs on Monday afternoons from 2-2:30 PM!  Don Hammond and Heff Munson
A.W.E. Thursdays, 10-10:30am — Awesome Women Entrepreneurs (A.W.E.) talk show focusing on local female business owners. Karen Bate & Evelyn Powers
Beyond Just TalkSundays, 8-10pm — "Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young" addresses life/business topics from a solution-oriented perspective, shares human interest stories, connects with high profile guests, and gives various artists (e.g., authors, singers, bands, comedians) exposure opportunities.  If you’re seeking positive, inspirational, and thought-provoking talk, then listen to this show.  This is a show you don't want to miss!  Learn about the host at: www.slyoung.com. This program also re-airs on Wednesdays from 12-2 PM. S.L. Young
Breaking BoundariesMondays, 4-5 PM — A show which features guests from the community talking about their experiences with disability and their personal interests. Brandon Charles
Broadway BoundThursdays, 4-5 PM — Specialty music show featuring Broadway songs. Program hosted by Radio Randi. Randi Cohen
CambiosFridays, 5-6 PM — Spanish music and cultural topics program with a local focus. David Alberto
Choose to be CuriousWednesdays, 10-10:30am — Weekly local features exploring curiosity. If you change your point of view, you will see something new! New episodes every other week! This program also re-airs Fridays 2:30-3PM!Lynn Borton
Classical ExplorationsThursdays, 5-6 PM — Weekly classical music program featuring a wide variety of composers. This program re-airs on Monday mornings from 6-7 AM!Dennis Siebert 
DC Music RocksTuesdays, 5-6 PM — BNP is the drummer in the original rock and roll band, Fellowcraft, based in Washington DC.  In performing around the city, he's been exposed to some of the best local music, and has discovered that you can follow them just like you do the big stars.  These artists might also shop at the same grocery stores or ride the same bus/train as you though.  He's excited to be sharing some of the incredible local music he hopes you've heard!Brian Nelson-Palmer
Education InnovationsSaturdays, 2:30-3 PM — A show that explores hands-on, project-based learning and how it prepares students to succeed in college and careers. The primary focus is career and technical education. New episodes every other week! Paula Lazor
Eclectic LoungeMondays (2nd, 4th and 5th), 8-10 PM — A unique mix of emerging music alongside those artists that inspired it. Curated from popular genres including rock, hip-hop, reggae, folk, jazz, Latin and more! dDub
Electric Connection, TheThursdays, 11pm-12am — Your weekly source for electronic music (aka EDM) and all things related to electronic music, including information about artists, interesting sub-genres, and concerts and events in the DC metro area. This show produces bi-weekly on WERA. Ryan Dunning
Enlighten Me!Wednesdays, 4-5 PM — Enlighten Me is a newstalk program that aims to educate and inform. From historical perspectives to modern day stories, we will focus our attention on the issues that everyone deals with -- be it policy, health, education, the economy, current events and race. Stories that might get a quick blurb in national news -- We aim to uncover the deeper issue.  And we'll be sure to add a healthy dose of humor in the mix.Andrea Cambron 
Fantastic ForumSaturdays, 4-5 PM — Radio version of the segmented television program on comics, science fiction, fantasy and horror. Features extended panel discussion, interviews and features. This program also re-airs on Tuesday afternoons from 2-3 PM!Ulysses Campbell
Feature Story News BulletinWeekdays, AM: 6:55, 7:55, 8:55; PM: 12:55, 4:55, 5:55, 6:55, 7:55 (WED) — Based in Washington, D.C., FSN covers news and events as they occur via a network of bureaus in global news capitals across the Americas, Europe and Africa. Hear FSN World News Updates during weekday mornings and afternoons. FSN
Feature Story World News: Week in Review Weekends on WERA: Saturdays at 9:55 AM after The Melting Pot, Sundays at 10:55 AM after the re-air of GloBeat. FSN
Folk AlleySundays, 11pm-1am — Folk Alley collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, exclusive Folk Alley in-studio and live concert recordings. Elena See
From the AnnexThursdays, 10pm-11pm— FTA is a radio show of jungle/ drum & bass music. Playing fresh local sounds, along side the classic anthems.Edward the Librarian
GloBeatThursdays, 6-7pm — A weekly radio program of World Music. This program also re-airs on Sundays from 10-11am. Joseph Gueron
Grace in 30Wednesdays, 6-6:30 pm — Show focusing on the power of grace to improve families, communities and workplaces. This program also re-airs on Sunday mornings from 8:30-9am! Sal and Ed
Hawk ChroniclesSundays, 2:30-3 pm — Weekly serial sci-fi radio drama. Follow the adventures of Kate Hawk as she goes from fighting crime in the streets to crimes in the galaxy.Steve Long
In My Room

Fridays, 9pm-11pm — A hodgepodge of indie, rock, punk, new wave, industrial, dub, noise, post-punk, twisted blues. You name it, I play it! Sometimes in the same set. This show re-airs 12-2 AM Monday nights/Tuesday mornings. 

Mike Edwards
It Might Get Loud

Tuesdays, 6-7 pm — New and old independent music with a local focus! My version of Ameoba's "What's in my Bag". Sharing my love of weird and beautiful music. 

DJ Nico
Karin's CalendarFridays, 12:30-1 pm — An overview of events going on in the next week in the DC, MD and NoVa areas. Everything from live music to food and beer tastings, to fun outdoor events. Karin's Calendar will give you all the information you need to know where to be in the DMV!Karin 
Key NotesTuesdays, 8-10 pm — A music program of cool, blue note, acoustic and contemporary jazz.Andrew Rude
Lorne Epstein Show, TheMondays, 10-11 am — The Lorne Epstein Show brings you tips on how to get, keep and advance your career such that you have a joyful job and satisfying career. There is the 1 minute Jobs Report with the latest jobs news, interviews with leading experts, and features on professions you always wanted to know more about!Lorne Epstein
Media on the RadioThursdays, 7-7:30 PM — A series of conversations with media professionals. I am a filmmaker, producer, and production instructor and I chat with everyone from a reality show producer, to an international broadcast distributor about their experience and what trends they see in the media landscape. Devin Gallagher
Melting Pot, TheSaturdays, 9:30-10 AM — A local discussion about culture and ethnicity through area restaurants and food. This program re-airs on Wednesdays from 11:30AM-12PM!Melissa Chang
Music Alley RadioThursdays, Noon-1pm — Covering the music and arts scene of the DC area. Live performance and interviews to reflect and invigorate the local music community. Carol Campbell, Marco Delmar 
OAF MusicMondays, 7-8 PM — Obscure and Forgotten Music. Rock, pop, R&B, easy listening, a little bit of cheese...an hour of all types of music from unknown and under-appreciated artists, mixed with forgotten songs from more prominent artists. This show also re-airs on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings from 12-1 AM. Tom Wallace
Paul McGehee's Time MachineSaturdays, 7:30-9PM — Retro radio with a twist! Paul McGehee hosts a weekly journey through the past featuring audio oddities and obscurities, placed along a timeline of local and national events. this show also re-airs on Mondays from 2:30-4 PM! Paul and Cameron McGehee
Picture LockFridays, 3-4 PM — Film critic Kevin Sampson's weekly film review radio show. Features interviews with local and national cinematographers, writers and directors. This show also re-airs Mondays from 1-2 PM! Kevin Sampson 
Plugs, TheMondays, 6-7 PM Sports talk show with a local focus on the DMV, featuring occasional national sports news and headlines. Becker and Chris
PlushTuesdays, 7-8PM — Music from female vocalists and female-fronted bands. Mostly.Silvia & Dr. T
Political JunkieFridays, 4-5 PM — Syndicated weekly political program focusing on current events and news in politics. Ken Rudin
Power HourTuesdays, 10-11 PM — Punk, Metal and Hardcore Galore!! Ethan Brennan
Practical SecurityThursday, 11-11:30am — Information and tips to help listeners protect themselves, their homes, communities, and workplaces from security threats, including digital threats in cyberspace.  No "geek-speak" allowed. Non-technical listeners will feel right at home. This program is on every other Thursday on WERA. Beverly Allen
Radio Still SucksMondays, 10pm-12am — Showcasing the latest and best music from around Arlington and around the world of indie rock, pop, punk, etc.  Occasionally you may even hear some classic country, rap, or something else equally unexpected and awesome. Jeff Taylor
Radio Stoyevsky Saturdays, 12-1 PM — From Ukrainian protest anthems to Serbian turbofolk, Radiostoyevsky features music from Russia, the Balkans, and everywhere in between! Hosted by a graduate of Georgetown’s Center for Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies, this weekly show will take you on a musical journey through the politics, history, and culture of this diverse and fascinating region of the world. Jaime Cordes

Rocking Sobriety

Friday, 9-10 AM  —  Rocking Sobriety blends hopeful, feel good music, thoughtful reflections, and local resources for people in recovery from addictive behaviors. Open to everyone who wants to be happy, joyous and free. https://www.facebook.com/RockingSobriety  Cool Papa Jeff
Soccer Talk Chat Megaforce Go!Friday, 2-3 PM — We talk chat about soccer. From local DC United to European leagues, club and country tourneys, transfer sagas, and more! Andrew Schoenberger
Song Po RadioWednesdays, 10:30pm-12am — Local music and poetry. Interviews and recorded performances! Anders Thueson
Soul ShakeEvery Other Monday, 8:30 to 10pm – Soul Shake brings the very best from the golden age of Jamaican music.  From the ska of the early 1960’s, to the pre-digital rub a dub sound of the early 1980’s, we’ve got the hits and plenty of obscure tunes to deliver.  Rocksteady, boss reggae, dub, dj, and tough roots reggae are all on offer, predominantly from LP’s and 45’s.Rice N' Peas
Sounds of the CitySaturdays, 5-7pm — An eclectic mix of contemporary jazz and blues with a local accent. The show also features guests who "make the music happen" in our local DC area. This program also re-airs for late night jazz Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings from 12-2am! JA the DJ
Spin CycleTuesdays, 10-Noon — Sharing a lifelong love affair with music, tune in to hear a mix of Lauree's favorite songs carefully selected each week! Indie, Rock, Alt-Country, Noise Pop & more!Lauree McArdle
StageCraftTuesdays, 4-5 PM —  Legendary producer Don Zientara and The Pilot Waves' Alex Vidales bring to you a live weekly radio show; tailored to help performers of all kinds hone and improve their artistic expression, discuss fundamentals, hear stories of both famous and infamous performances and listen to life lessons from musicians, comedians, actors, producers; others like them who are working and supporting our local arts community. Don and Alex have a wonderful and diverse collection of characters and friends who have been performing for the last 40 years in Arlington and beyond and they are ready to share their tips to help other aspiring artists as well as educate, amuse and enrich all listeners.Alex Vidales & Don Zientara
Story HourWednesdays, 10:30-11:30am — An interview based program focused on storytelling in all its forms:  books, photos, film, live, song, etc. Hot books, cool topics and interesting guests.  Includes related music throughout. New episodes every other week! Wendy Mann
Swift Kick ShowThursdays, 9:30-10am — The Swift Kick Show opens the doors for wannabe-preneur to learn how to become successful online entrepreneurs right from the source. Each week, the show tackles a subject that moves you forward from conceiving an idea to implementation and everything in between. Part commentary, part advice, part interview, part expose’…SKS provides insight and encouragement with a small dose of attitude while entertaining and educating. Your host, Timothy D. Craggette, is here to put a KICK in your entrepreneurial journey. This program re-airs Monday mornings from 9-9:30 AM!Timothy D. Craggette
TG Ethiopian RadioSundays, 1-2:30 PM Talk program focusing on the local Ethiopian community, current events and music. Mesfin Bezu
This is Not a ShowFridays, 6-8pm — This Is Not A Show is a weekly radio program devoted to the best new music and events in the Metro DC area and beyond. But mostly beyond.Rusty Roberts
TraditionsSaturdays, 9 PM-12 AM — Full spectrum folk music for the Greater Washington DC area.Mary Cliff
Tune TimeTuesdays, Noon-2pm — Tune Time is a show that celebrates and explores the roots of rock 'n roll and offers a personal and unique insight into the music industry. Co-hosting the show is Dale and his wife Mary as well as their long time friend, Dave Patterson. Dale, Dave & Mary
Twilight ZoneSaturdays, 3-4pm — Twilight Zone host Greg Moye explores the best Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop & 20th Century popular music as the foundation for current and newly emerging music genres with a twist that appeals to both Generation Jones and Millennials alike with something for every musical taste in between. A community-rich global approach to music as it relates to the old and the new. Greg Moye
Vinyl Assault VehicleWednesdays, 8-10 pm — One hundred years of underground sound. Rock, jazz, psych, funk, indie rock, dub, classical, world, metal, ambient and the artists that make Arlington and DC famous.Butch
Wasn't That A TimeFridays, 1-2 pm — Through the arts for social change, the show will feature narratives and music that highlight transformational leadership, resilience and societal shifts as a result of mobilization efforts by ordinary citizens. Listeners will be introduced to a different theme every program. Depending on the topic, an assortment of guests will be invited to discuss the selected motif interspersed with topical ballads written by various troubadours of conscience.Susie Erenrich
What in the World?Saturdays, 11am-12pm — What In the World (WITW)? is a radio program and podcast created to make issues in U.S. foreign policy understandable and relevant to the American public. Told from the perspectives of women and people of color, WITW? breaks down current and past foreign policy issues by connecting it to the everyday lives of ordinary people.
Bunmi Akinnusotu
Workforce ShowMondays, 9-10 am — Talk program focusing on local academia, government and the workforce. This program re-airs on Thursdays from 9-9:30 AM! Cynthia Gurne
Zamunda RadioThursdays, 1:30-2:30 PM — Zamunda Radio is a talk radio show interspersed with music. The show seeks to highlight the various cultural practices of the ever-growing population of African born residents in Arlington and the entire DMV area. What kind of food did they eat before they immigrated and which ones are available here? Was/is there a language barrier? What surprised them about life in Arlington and what is the same as back in their countries of birth? These are the kind of questions Zamunda Radio will raise and address. Zamunda Radio promotes cultural exchange between people of African descent, who live or work in Arlington as well as the entire DC metro area, and all the other diverse groups that work and live in this region.Mike Adekunle

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