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On June 9, 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued Arlington Independent Media (AIM) a construction permit to build a low-power FM radio station, and in January 2015, the FCC granted it the call letters WERA. In the several months following, AIM constructed a radio broadcast studio, a state-of-the-art audio production suite, and established policies and procedures for the station. WERA 96.7 FM Radio Arlington successfully launched to the community at 6pm on December 6, 2015.

To review applications efficiently and fairly for airtime on WERA, the AIM board of directors created an independent body, the Program Advisory and Review Council (PARC). The PARC is comprised of 15 members of the Arlington community who meet to review and select programs that will air on WERA. At this time, AIM seeks to fill vacancies on the council.

The AIM board is seeking people who have strong ties to Arlington and a firm commitment to the ideals of community media. Experience in radio broadcasting can be helpful, but is not required.


The AIM board has decided on the following guidelines for the PARC:

  1. Members of the PARC are appointed by the president of the AIM board of directors for three-year terms.
  2. Those who wish to serve should fill out the attached application and submit it to wera@arlingtonmedia.org.
  3. The deadline for applications to be determined.
  4. The opportunity to apply will be announced in an email to all members, on the AIM web site, and in press releases to all the area news media. Applications will be available on the AIM web site.
  5. Any Arlington resident may apply. All applications will be received by the chair of the LPFM Committee and the president of the AIM board and will be distributed to all committee members and the AIM Executive Director. The chair of the LPFM Committee will propose a slate of candidates for review by the president of the AIM board. The president will make the final appointments.
  6. The PARC meets as needed to determine which programs will receive airtime on WERA.
  7. Members of the PARC will not be eligible to apply for airtime, however, they are free to assist in productions that have been duly approved by the PARC.

PARC Candidate Application

To be considered for a place on the Program Advisory and Review Council, download an application form below and email it to wera@arlingtonmedia.org

File PARC Guidelines Nomination Form.docx

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