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Paul LeValley, AIM Executive Director

Raise your voice.

It’s more than our motto; it’s a strategy for living and coping in challenging times. We make no judgments regarding anyone’s political beliefs or partisan loyalties. As always, we promote and facilitate free speech for all, regardless of ideology. We merely note that many people seem to have strong feelings these days and don’t seem to know what to do with them or how to express them. And while sitting and stewing or lying awake at night may be common responses to frustration and anxiety, they are neither healthy nor productive.

We have a better idea. Raise your voice!

Let AIM help you create media content that not only expresses your ideas but also effects the change you seek. Not happy with current leadership or policies? Not content to let the things you’re passionate about go undone, or worse, get undone? Not willing to sit silently by while others say things that you disagree with? You’re not alone; there are thousands of others who feel the same way right here in our community. What more and more of them are realizing is that to make a message that gets attention they need access to professional tools and the training to use them.

They – and you – are in luck. AIM offers professional, high-definition video cameras, editing suites, a TV studio, a radio studio, and an audio production suite to the public for as little as $1.20 per hour. Yes, you read that right – less than a dollar and a half per hour for equipment that is on par with the region’s best professional studios and rental houses. And AIM’s award winning training has a nationwide reputation for being both clear and comprehensive.

Armed with the technology and techniques of professional media production, you can produce content that makes a difference. AIM’s facilities, equipment and training will allow you to make your message stand out in the cluttered world of cell phone video and poorly produced podcasts. AIM’s distribution network allows you to schedule a program on our cable channel, be live or pre-recorded on the radio, or post to our website. In addition, any content that you produce can be used on your own website or social media networks.

Now is not the time to remain quiet. It’s no longer enough to be an information consumer. It’s time to help yourself and your community by taking the opportunity to create content that’s powerful, engaging, and effective. In short, it’s time to raise your voice.

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