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Robert Winship

Once & Future Band

Once & Future Band

OAFB is a recent addition to San Francisco garage rock purists Castle Face. But OAFB leans more toward the prog spectrum than John Dwyer’s explosive scuzz. By accompanying chorus-heavy vocals with screaming guitar licks, Once & Future Band captures the meandering spirit of forward-facing 70’s rock. They should feel familiar to any fans of Steely Dan or the Kinks and resonate with the new fans of the nascent garage rock scene.

Tracks for Air: “How Does It Make You Feel?”, “Tell Me Those Are Tears of Joy”



You remember Justice, right. Obama’s first term was rolling and Daft Punk was still working on a long-awaited re-entry into the spotlight. French electro funksters Justice were at the command with “D-A-N-C-E” their arena-angling was evident. Two albums later and Justice have brought their slap-bass bangers back to the big stage. On Woman, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have laid down a very groovy record swimming in organ-rich disco-funk. Justice never quite hit the highs of Daft Punk, but they telegraph the distant summer as though it were an LP away.

Tracks for Air: “Safe & Sound”, “Fire”, “Randy”

Morricone Youth

Mad Max [Original Live Re-Scoring]

Morricone Youth put a live re-scoring to vinyl with a midnight movie take on the seminal apocalyptic film Mad Max. The musical collective has been performing live interpretations of cult films for nearly two decades. This album includes vibrant, organ medleys and noodling space rock. For fans and non-fans of Mad Max, Morricone Youth have crafted a unique tribute.

Tracks for Air: “Revenge of the MFP”, “Toecutter”

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