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WERA-LP: Radio Arlington

Our mission

WERA’s mission is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain Arlington’s diverse community by promoting and facilitating independent radio.

On December 6, 2015, Arlington, Virginia entered a new era with the introduction of WERA-LP 96.7 onto the FM dial. A project of Arlington Independent Media, WERA's programming is produced by and for the community. WERA is an outlet for anyone interested in creating, producing, and delivering broadcast-quality content to the Arlington community and surrounding area. WERA-LP features local-centric programming brought to you by talented and dedicated volunteer producers working in a wide variety of genres and styles to bring the sights and sounds of the Arlington area to our listeners. 

WERA-LP is Arlington’s only radio station. Broader coverage of DC and Northern Virginia often overshadows the news, events, people, stories, and culture that define one of the most diverse and innovative communities in the country. But WERA-LP and wera.fm will provide an opportunity for all Arlingtonians to raise their voices and share their perspectives – and listen to their friends and neighbors as they produce and deliver their own community radio programs.

Promoting Arlington’s Diversity

Ethnic diversity: According to a study done on the Arlington Public Schools, students come from 111 different countries and speak 88 different languages. Based on Census data, 22.4% of Arlington residents are foreign-born, compared to 11.5% in Virginia overall, 14.4% in Washington, DC and 7.4% in Baltimore. WERA, as a community radio station, welcomes programming in other languages to communicate with Arlington's underrepresented cultures and increase the visibility of these cultures to the rest of the community.

Diversity of opinion: As centers of United States and world policy and media, Arlington and DC attract people and organizations with many different viewpoints and backgrounds, all of which can be expressed via community radio.

Diversity of “experience": Participation in community radio has no requirements with regard to experience in radio or in life. We welcome participants of all ages, talents, beliefs, races, sexual orientation, genders, ethnicities, education, industries, abilities, cultures, marital statuses, incomes, political affiliations, religions.


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